About Fission Relays

The "Fission Relays" are a group of Tor relays that as of May 2020 collectively rank in the top 5 families of guard (first hop) relays by probability and the top 10 families by consensus weight (observed and measured bandwidth). Their live stats can be found on the Tor Metrics site in list or aggregate form.

The Fission Relays family consists of:

  • 12 core, non-exit relays in a dedicated, distributed environment located in Canada, France, and Germany.
  • 6 masqueraded exit relays served through a public VPN provider.
  • 6 published bridges.
  • 5 "external" relays hosted on various VPS platforms:
    1. OVH US
    2. OVH Canada (exit)
    3. Hetzner Online
    4. Interserver
    5. Black.host (exit)